An excellent TypeScript Book's review

I have read a book about TypeScript for the past few weeks: Advanced TypeScript Programming Projects

This is an excellent book to get hands on experience with TypeScript. The author takes your through a series of projects, to show how one could use TypeScript instead of regular JavaScript. The very first chapter points out the benefits and additional features of TypeScript, then in each chapter we see a practical usage of it.

Throughout the projects we will see excellent examples for using OO design patterns such as Visitor, Chain of Responsibility, etc. A good point that the author also explains the details and implementation of these patterns. The code examples are nicely structured following the Single Responsibility Principal. Because of the many small types used, having the source code of the projects available on GitHub comes very handy to browse the code quickly.

The book shows how TypeScript may work along the most popular web frameworks such as React, Angular, Bootstrap, Material Design, Vue, WebSockets and ASP.NET Core. Having that many technologies might be a bit overwhelming if seeing them in the first time. Although the book does not go into the very details of these technologies, it points for further readings. I definitely recommend this book for a reader who has a minimum web development experience already, but also wants to get involved with TypeScript.

If you got interested, you can get the book on Amazon.

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